Earn 20% commission on affiliate sales

Provide your link to new customers, once they sign-up and subscribe to a paid plan. You receive 20% of the amount, every time a payment is made.

How to get started ?


1. Join the Affiliate Program

To get started you must clicking on the button below. You will then receive a confirmation of your registration to our affiliate program.

Click Here to Join Linkonami Affiliate Program


2. Share the Links

After getting the links, you can start selling. Refer new customers to our products and earn a commission for every purchase made by your referral link.


3. Get Rewarded

Use all the methods available for you: share product links with your audience in social media, blog posts, websites, email newsletters and etc. Try to engage as many audiences as you can to get more sales. Notification about a new purchase will come to your email.



Last updated on: 4 February, 2021